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and side projects I'm working on.

Of course, I love playing video games. However, since so much of my time is spent making them, I seek to do things away from the controller whenever I can. Here I want to document my hobbies and lifestyle, away from making and playing games.



Ever since I was young, I enjoyed to bike around my neighbourhood and see what I could find around. Given I grew up in suburbs, there wasn't mush, I still enjoy heading out on mini-adventures.

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Game Case Studies

In order to improve my understanding of what goes into a well made character controller, I'm writing several short case studies on character controllers in a variety of games. Can be found here.


Book Blog

A short blog format summarizing my thoughts and takeaways from each book that I finish. Can be found here.

Post It

Game Organizer Trello Board

In my spare time, I like to track my progress on all of the games I play, in order to organize my video game backlog (which is pretty big).

Document with Pen


One skill that I was always envious of was a writer's ability to write characters and stories. I decided to take up writing, and although I'm still an amateur, I plan to improve. 

Here are my


(that are just for fun).