Cooperative Game: Week 3

Overall, Tether was a pretty successful endeavour between my teammates and I. Together, we had developed a game that required cooperation, but also in a way that let us practice deigning difficulty and different methods of teaching players how to play. As the team's skills were very balanced, we were able to not only focus on the gameplay, but also the visuals, which also had an impact on the development as working on something that looked nice was a lot more motivating.

Overall, I believe the strongest characteristic of the project in general, was the balance of our team. Alexandru, Matt, and I all had relatively the same skill set allowing us to easily measure our own capabilities and allowed us to effectively communicate any limits we thought we had. Additionally, I believe that the overall concept initially brought to the table by Alexandru was very strong, simple, and concise so that once we were able to begin implementing it, it was a relatively smooth ride with no major bumps to offset our course.

In contrast, our weakest characteristics were probably how little time we could actually be together in wholeness. I'd say our strongest meetings were when we all had the chance to be together, and those were pretty few. Although the final product turned out fine, I believe that it could of been even more robust had we those opportunities for more collaboration.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project with my team mates, and hope that this process' smoothness will carry on with my other projects throughout the semester.