Final Assignment: Week 5

Game:Yuri In Room

Team: Nicholas Phan, Filink Cao, Vivian Ha, Shirley Tong

Before I get into this, the game Yuri on Room wasn't how the game turned was supposed to turn out. It had all the same puzzles and main mechanics, but the Yuri on Ice references were shoehorned in relatively late in production upon realization that we had just scoped way too large. Overall it was still pretty good and I’m proud of the work I put into it, but I do wish we could have created what we wanted to make. I will call the game RoomEscape.

Throughout an overall bumpy preproduction process, our group came up with a relatively good idea that we were all happy with. The original game included time travelling as our mechanic and we based the entire game overall this singular idea. The hitman was coming to kill you and you had a certain amount of time to complete the puzzle to escape him. There was originally supposed to be a time limit so that every minute or so, the hitman would kill you resetting all of your progress. Because it would be frustrating losing your progress all of the time, we designed most of the puzzles with codes and combinations as the answer so that the player could memorize all of the answers and reach their current point relatively fast. The inspiration for this idea was through various films and television shows such as Groundhog Day, The Edge of Tomorrow, Steins; Gate, and ReZero. This mechanic could have been added in if we had more time, but ultimately, our game worked without it so oh well.

My role in creating this game was programmer, level design, and camera navigation, and art director.

I will begin with camera navigation. I wanted to differentiate our game from other escape the room games where you would just click through different static screens, so I designed the main level in a 3d space that is navigated by the camera leaping to different directions. This decision overlaps with my role as the art director (I didn't not create any of the visuals, or even have say in their style or colours), as my vision for how the game looked largely depended on things looking 3d—why have a 3d camera while everything remains 2d? I instructed our artists to separate our assets into different layers that I could layer in different Z-depths, and could be placed in 3d as different layers. this allowed a very neat 2.5d look to be the main focus of visuals in the game, and adding a fisheye effect to that enhanced it to the level it was. The art that was drawn also had shadows drawn onto it which helped with this and credits go to Vivian for that.

Level Design was set up by me and I placed all of the assets. my main goal for this was to evenly spread up what little assets had to give a convincing overview of an office as well as not have answers and their keys so close together. Things like the wall had to be set up with the idea in mind that an assassin would pop out of it and kill you so I decided not to clutter that wall with anything else. Decisions like these were influenced by Vivian’s sketches of the office.

Finally, my role as programmer was through me setting up the camera and its interactions with the player and the level as well as some of the events that are dictated by the game’s system. Filink was the main contributor to this, as she had a much better grasp on managing events and even programming Unity GUI, being relentless in what she wanted to achieve, such as the screen staying on the computer even out of use. So I think together, we had made a very good team.

Overall, I would not say that this was an overall smooth process, but that did not make it unsatisfactory. There was more tension in this group than in previous since we had no set group lead and everyone in our idea had different ideas for a while due to poor communications. It also didn’t help that Shirley left for vacation the day before the main grind, pushing a lot of additional art, and fixes to her own art on the artist that spent time with the group, Vivian.

Despite all of this, all of our main goals were there and although the product was lacking, I feel that we were on the right track and if we just had additional time to program it and further work on everything it could of been really good, so for me personally, I’m not that salty.