Proof of Concept 2: Day 1

So for our second proof of concept game, my team and I decided to make a race. We spent a few hours in a meeting deciding on what type of racing game we wanted to make and generally all we could really agree on was that we wanted to avoid cars. Some ideas that we threw around were basically:

- A race to a packed tram while maneuvering a crowd and without spilling your cup of joe

- A race through an obstacle course where you can only move fast while your eyes were closed

- A race up a cliffside where you had to climb and somehow sabotaged others

But one shining gem that we all saw potential in was an idea where you maneuvered a hallway while looking through a CCTV cam at your character. Think the original Resident Evil. However the spin on it would be that you moved relative to the camera. Its basically inspired by cutscenes that change your camera angle but don't take away control from the player. This game will have 2 players looking at the same set of screens with similar characters trying to get through a course faster.

We spent a few more hours discussing the design on this. This is probably subject to change, but some things we need to keep in mind are:

- There need to be landmarks along the obstacle course. We want to be a little merciful and at least give the player some indication of where one camera is relative to another.

- It needs to be as disorienting as possible. We want the camera angle to suddenly switch on the character or even have multiple of them at the screen at once and randomly change positions. We'll also make the characters visually similar.

- Keep the characters along the same path as much as possible. To do this the obstacle course has to be fairly linear.

- (Optional) we want to make it look pretty funny.

So what my task is for today is evaluate and decide which third person character controller we should use for this project. The 2 choices right now is a standard Unity asset called Ethan, and a default one made by a team member. Ethan looks pretty good to me.