What I'm Excited For #001: Monster Hunter Worlds

Before I begin talking about Monster Hunter Worlds, I want to write about what I’m doing with this series of blog posts.

I’m going to write about a game I’ve played, or am currently playing and try to analyze any design or just my general thoughts on it. I’m going to describe my experience with the game, and how much time I’ve put into it so far. There’s a chance I might also update previous posts as I decide to play them further and have something new to say.

I want these posts to spend as little time explaining the aspects of the game in favour of talking about what I want to talk about, so naturally if you haven't played the game that I'm talking about you might find yourself a little lost. I'll go into detail where I find it necessary, but people who have played the game that I'm talking about will definitely be able to get more out of what I write.

My goal with this is to just identify design, as well as write about something that’s personal to me. I’m going to try to avoid writing what everybody else talks about, but there may be sometimes where I just can’t help it. This is more for me personally, as a writing and reflection exercise, but if anybody who comes across this gets some enjoyment out of what’s here, then I couldn’t be happier.

So without any more delay, here it is:

As a disclaimer, this has been the first Monster Hunter game I've owned, but I have played entries such as Tri for a good amount of time with a friend. Other than that however, Monster Hunter has always been a series that has interested me, but I've never really had the opportunity to play it, as I barely saw it being sold in stores.

Monster Hunters Worlds' best aspect is its gameplay loop. Its basic and divided in two stages: Preperation Hunt Preperation