Jacob Minkoff on Getting Noticed

While on Twitter, I came across a Game Designer named Jacob Minkoff. Curious as to what his story was, I began to research. As of writing this, Minkoff is a Design Director at Infinity Ward, and has worked on the Call of Duty Franchise. He also was a Game Designer at Naughty Dog, having worked on the train sequence from Uncharted 2, and the photobooth sequence from The Last of Us: Left Behind. He started in the industry by founding a studio with 3 others called Blue Omega.

I always find it interesting hearing what takes veteran game designers have on the industry, especially when it comes to breaking into. While looking into Minkoff, I found a link to an unlisted video of a talk that he gave about using your portfolio to get into the industry that I found pretty informative.

Its very applicable to people like myself, after all-the site that you're on right now is my online portfolio. My main takeaway is that by sitting down and developing a portfolio, you become a better designer. You learn to showcase the best parts of an idea and how to present them. I found several other bits of gold in this talk, specifically regarding best practices, but there are some outdated portions, being 9 years (specifically the 16-24 minute range).

Anyway, I hope that this can help somebody, regardless of the time it was made-I certainly want to keep record of it here.