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I am a passionate game designer who focuses on the player experience and immersion. My goal is to imagine unique gameplay experiences and bring them to life by designing systems and mechanics that allow players to completely immerse themselves in gaming.

Ever since I was a child, I loved to experience things. I wanted to uncover and explore and see what was different from everyday life. I loved being able to roam about on my own and get lost. I cherished what I learned from doing this and developed into somebody who loves experiencing new things and learning about other's experiences. And this is what I feel is crucial to game design. I want to have these experiences in order to bring them to life for others through what I make. 


Right now, I want to experience more. I want to see new perspectives and meet new people. I love things that let me do this, such as reading, and biking to places I haven't been, and of course, meeting new people and listening to what they have to say. I love to travel, but my home will always be in Ontario, Canada.

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