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Project Chronos is a 2.5D, Metroidvania game created by myself and 4 others. This game was created as a capstone project for Sheridan College's Game Level Design Postgraduate Program.

Designed to make the player assess every situation based on their mechanics, as well as give players a variety of abilities that must be used specifically to overcome situations, Project Chronos aimed to deliver a condensed Metroidvania experience in a short demo.

In order to achieve this, the game features a map with over 30 screens, concluding with a boss fight that challenges the player on what they have learned.


 - Designed and scripted the character controller and all associated mechanics

 - Set up Animation State Machine for the character controller

 - Modified existing animation files for the character

 - Designed and scripted the enemies

 - Behaviour Tree AI​​​

 - Set up Animation State Machine for the enemies

 - Created all animations for the enemies

 - Created all enemy visual effects and shaders 

 - Miscellaneous gameplay scripting