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Spirits is in Development.
Content here will be updated with each milestone.

Spirits is a third person, action, shooter game created by myself and 3 others. This game was created as a capstone project at Sheridan College's Bachelor of Game Design Program.

Designed to catch and retain the player's attention, many aspects of the game were made to engage the player. The game focuses on the responsiveness of the character, the interactions with the environment, and dynamic combat the player partakes in.

In order to achieve this, the game features a single boss fight that demonstrates the core pillars.


 - Designed and scripted the character controller and all associated mechanics

 - Set up Animation State Machine for the character controller

 - Modified existing animation files for the character

 - Designed and scripted the enemies

 - Behaviour Tree AI​​​

 - Set up Animation State Machine for the enemies

 - Created all animations for the enemies

 - Created all enemy visual effects and shaders 

 - Miscellaneous gameplay scripting

Development case studies can be read on my blog.

Character Controller Case Study

AI Scoring System