World Designer

Worked in the World Design team to develop systems for Anthem that dynamically populate combat spaces with elements that reinforce the context of the situation. Collaborated with Environment Art, Quest Design, and many more to conceptulize, prototype, implement, tune, and balance the systems.


Responsibilities include:

  • Taking a system design through Bioware's design pipeline from a conceptual stage to a feature shipped in the final game.

  • Creating and maintaining clear, informative, and accessible documentation that was both used to communicate concepts and to track and organize the progress of features.

  • Presented to a wide variety of stakeholders, from colleagues on the same team, to Bioware's Studio Head.

  • Communicating orally, in an effective, concise fashion.


Players will assume the role of a Freelancer, one of a group of bold and courageous people who leave their civilization to explore a lush and dangerous landscape.