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Glo Phlox

A resourceful young elf named Cordette awakens in a mystical forest, unable to remember where she is or why. By communing with the power of nature, she begins piecing together her past.






Red Vulpes

Technical Level Designer

4 months

Unity 3D


I was brought onto Glo Phlox in order to help the game release on a tight deadline, where the majority of levels had yet to be designed and implemented. Within that time, my tasks were to implement the levels into the game, hand-build the collision for each level, hook up the transitions to each adjacent level, and playtest levels to iterate and improve their layouts. The game was finished within the set deadline and contains more than 100 separate levels .

Responsibilities included:

  • Level implementation and collision for 100+ rooms.

  • Managing level database and creating room links.

  • Iterating on level layouts to improve flow.

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