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Hello, I'm


a Game & Level Designer.

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A lover of art, tech, and design.

Hello, my name is Nic Phan and I'm a Game Designer. I seek to be part of creative and collaborative teams in order to make engaging, interactive experiences and memorable moments for people to enjoy. I'm always seeking to expand my skillset and take on challenges both technical, and creative.

Below you can find a list of projects that I helped design.


Dragon Age: Dreadwolf

Bioware - Level Designer
  • Unreleased. More details to come.


Bioware - Level Designer
  • Designed and implemented a system to dynamically decorate the world

  • Created documentation to organize and track progress of work

  • Used JIRA to plan, track, and organize tasks & bugs

  • Presented to Department Leads and Directors



Alientrap - Developer
  • Designed and implemented various game systems

  • UI design and implementation

  • Feature implementation, gameplay scripting, tool programming


Open Door Games
  • Game Designer, Level Designer, AI, Programming, Technical Art, Animation, VFX, Cinematics

  • Responsibilities included: principal gameplay design, principal level design, feature implementation, documentation, and polish/bug fixing

  • Weekly mentor meetings and progress updates

  • Full project report and analysis

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Glo Phlox

Red Vulpes
  • Level implementation and collision for 100+ rooms

  • Managing level database and creating room links

  • Drafted documentation to track progress and organize team members

  • Iterating on level layouts to improve flow

Other Projects 

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